Companies Services

Accounting and bookkeeping support

Our Accounting Services group provides a practical solution for the new companies that need part-time accounting and finance support, or medium size companies that need part to full-time assistance. We become the virtual accounting department scaled to your needs, providing professional

Our services cover wide range starting from general bookkeeping and Turkish payroll processing to becoming your virtual accounting department. We provide full accounting outsource, co-sourcing and controllership.

Our diversified and valuable accounting services are professionally tailored to suit our clients’ business needs.

Our team is comprised of book keepers, accounting systems specialists, and financial controllers, they all are professionals and well trained

Advisory Services

The current environment presents a constant stream of challenges and opportunities, against this background of change: the expectation for sustained growth. To achieve their potential, companies must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement. Utilizing historical experience and functional expertise, our advisory team works with you in a proactive, open and objective way, to address new challenges. Our approach is client-centric, geared towards delivering customized solutions that deliver lasting value to organizations.

Our business advisory team comprises of professionals who provide a comprehensive range of services, which include:

Financial Planning and Budgeting:

We offer comprehensive advice and support to companies in terms of reviewing and re-defining their financial plan and master budget. Under this we provide the following services:
● Diagnostic review and reworking of your current master budget,
● Identifying and re-defining the company’s income and expenses structure to reflect the organization’s vision, mission, goals & objectives,
● Assessing the company’s projects portfolio of projects and reports of project profitability
● Cost management

Performance Improvement:

We offer consulting advice to companies to constantly improve their operational performance. Under Performance improvement advisory, we provide following services:
● Performance Review and Bench marking
● Business and financial structuring and restructuring.
● Post investment monitoring
● Building and Improving company’s financial manual and procedures
● Training

Audit and Assurance Advisory services

Internal Audit and preparation for External Audit

Process Enhancement, Value-Addition, Regulatory Compliance, Preparation for the External Audit

An effective internal audit function is widely viewed as an essential component of a strong company governance framework.
Globally, inadequate controls have cost many companies a lot, starting from physical loss and not ending with a loss fund and trust which may cause the closing of the business.

i. Our Approach

Our approach is to understand the work flow inside the company processes in an as-is-scenario, test the effectiveness of the processes & controls, bring out the consequences of any deficiency in your process-chain and then recommend a reasonably suited solution that could fit your needs.
We engage with key personnel in the company to assess the compliance of established processes.

ii. Services:

● Outsourced internal audit for specific projects or the whole organization
● Internal control reviews & process mapping
● Compliance as required by donors and other regulatory bodies
● Other specialized services

iii. Benefits:

● Adds value with recommendations of reasonably suitable solutions that fit your needs;
● Drives management to implement enhanced preventive and detective controls;
● Highlight high risk areas and follows-up on their recommended implementation;
● Ensures adequate compliance of donors and statutory requirements.

Turkish Tax Service:

Our team provides a wide range of services designed to provide effective tax compliance and advice, aiming to give your business a competitive advantage both in local and international context.